Each kennel contains its own bed and bedding with heat mats to keep your dog(s) nice and warm. Each dog has access to its own individual exercise run.

Your dog(s) will be exercised everyday whilst they stay with us, either around our field or taken on a walk around the surrounding area. 

We supply a range of food, from biscuits, wet, and raw meats. When booking in we will find out your dogs diet and how often they are fed, so we can closely match to what you do at home.

We have a plentiful supply of toys for your dog(s) to play with either on their own or with staff.

If you wish to bring in your own food or bedding then you’re quite welcome as we want to make your dog(s) feel as comfortable as possible.

What you need:

To board with us your dog(s) needs to have a current vaccination certificate against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para influenza and leptospirosis, which must be kept up with in year boosters. Please bring the certificate with you.


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