Vet care & Insurance


The safety and welfare of your animal is of utmost importance to us. If however your pet does need treatment while in our care we will try to contact you or your emergency contact and use your own vet if possible. If we can not do this we will take your pet to our vets.

We will not be liable for existing conditions or injuries or illness caused by the behaviour of your pet whilst in our care.

Your pets will be well looked after while they are with us and are regularly checked. Please check your pet all over before leaving us as in the unlikely event the have injured themselves and we have not noticed our insurance will only cover claims noted before leaving the premises.

If your pet becomes ill (not injured) within a maximum of 72 hrs of leaving the kennels you must notify us as soon as possible within this period.


All dogs and cats need to be fully vaccinated and must have had a booster injection within the previous 12 months. We will need to see the certificate. Under absolutely no circumstances will we accept any animal without proof of their up to date vaccinations. In the absence of your pet's vaccination card we will contact your vet for their confirmation over the phone.

Kennel cough vaccine is recommended but not compulsory. We take every precaution to ensure no dog enters the kennels with this virus but we also cannot be held responsible if you dog contracts it.

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Vet care & insurance

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