Dog grooming now available here, please ring or email to book.


Full Groom

Yorkie; £25-£30
King Charles Cavalier; £30
Lhaso-Apso/Shih-Tzu; £30
Westie/Cairn Terrier/Scottie; £30
Bichon Frise/Toy Poodle; £30
English/American Cocker Spaniel; £30-£35
Springer Spaniel/ Schnauzer; £35
Wire haired/Lakeland Terrier £35-£40
Border Collie/Golden Retriever £35-£45
Miniature Poodle; £35
Rough/Bearded Collie; £45-£55
Airedale Terrier/Kerry Blue; £45-£50
Long Haired German Shepherd; £40-£45
Standard Poodle; £55
Samoyed; £50
Old English Sheepdog; £55-£60
Bernese Mountain Dog/New Foundland; £60
St Bernard/Pyrenean Mountain Dog; £60-£65

Teeth Cleaning; £5        
Nails + Ears; £10
Furminate; £10                   
Brush; Small-£7 Large- £10        
Nails; £3                                               
Anal Glands; £5
Flea Treatment; £5 added to bathing price
Shampoo + Dry
Short Coats;                                Long Coats;
Small-£5, Medium-£7                  Small-£8, Medium-£10
Large-£10                                    Large-£13

Prices are a rough guideline. Prices may vary depending on dogs coat and behaviour. All treatments include a spritz and spray before leaving.

Dog grooming...

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Explanation of treatments
Full Groom - Bath, Drying, Clipping, Nails, Pads, Ear Trimming, Ear Cleaning and trimming up with scissors.

Teeth Cleaning - De-Scale teeth lightly, brush with tooth paste.

Shampoo + Dry - Bathed with a suitable shampoo for the dogs coat and dried.

Nails + Ears - Nails clipped, Pads checked, Feet trimmed (Between pads and toes), Neaten feet, Ear Plucking and Ear Cleaning.

Furminate - Deep Brush with furminator to get rid of dead/loose hair throughout the coat.

Brush - Self explanatory.

Anal glands - Squeezing out any excess gunk in the anal glands. Will only be done if the owners sign for it to be done and a vet has said it can be done. I won’t do the anal glands if I feel that it is more than just excess gunk as I don’t want to cause infection.
Flea Treatment- Washed with a flea shampoo; go through the coat with a flea comb once coat is dry.