Our cattery is set entirely apart from the kennels, The individual outside run looks out over our fields. All cat pens are large enough to accommodate multiple cats from the same family. 
Throughout the day all the cats will get a one-on-one session with a caring team member, so perhaps a brush through their coat, playing with toys or maybe a cuddle, or all the above. Each cat pen has a heat mat in the bed to keep the cats nice and warm. There is also a cat flap to provide access to an individual outdoor run for each cat. 
Included in the price as standard we supply a range of food and treats in many popular brands. If you prefer we you can bring in your pet’s own food for when they stay.

Any medications your pet needs during their stay will be given as instructed (including insulin injections).
We have a plentiful supply of toys for your cat(s) to play with either on their own or with staff. We also provide bedding.

If you want to bring your pets bedding and/or toys in then please do so as we want them to feel as comfortable as possible staying with us. If there is anything about our service you wish to discuss please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to be of service.

What we need from you:

To board are with us your cat(s) needs to have a current vaccination certificate against feline leukaemia, feline infectious enteritis, feline vital rhinotracheitis and feline caliavirus, which must be kept up to date with yearly boosters. Please bring the certificate with you when boarding. With the exception of annual boosters, no newly vaccinated animal can be boarded until two weeks after vaccination. For more information, please refer to the guidance on the RSPCA website.


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