Each cat pen contains a bed and bedding with a heat mat to keep the cats nice and warm. A litter tray is also provided.

The outside runs are accessible for each cat through a cat flap. 

We provide a range of food, from biscuits, tins and pouches to give your cat(s) what it needs. When booking in a member of staff will talk through with you what your cat normal diet is.

We supply toys for the cats to play with either on their own or with staff.

If you want to bring your own cats bed or food you are quite welcome to and we will make sure your cats are as laid back as they can be.

What you need;

To board with us your cat(s) needs to have a current vaccination certificate against feline leukaemia, feline infectious enteritis, feline vital rhinotracheitis and feline caliavirus which must be kept up to date with yearly boosters. Please bring the certificate with you.


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